A New York City-based graphic designer from New Jersey with a passion for dance, a love for movies, and an appreciation for mangoes. Learn More

What Am I Feeling?
A book series with each book focusing on one of the seven main emotions

EZoo Festival Reimagined
My take on the branding for New York City's annual EDM festival

How to Make Chicken Katsu Curry
A recipe book based on a series of photos taken during dinner preparations with my college roommate, edited, and printed by me

What Does Time Feel Like to You?
A website dedicated to visualizing the warps of time through experimentation with code

Starbucks Coffee Reimagined
Taking on the challenge of putting my own twist on the iconic brand and bringing back its origins into its visual identity

People Magazine Reimagined
Brought a fresh and sophisticated feeling to People Magazine, the number one magazine for celebrity news and gossip.